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Game Overview

Option Chain is played over the course of one week, or five trading days. Each trading day consists of 4 phases:

Players use forecast cards and special events to predict how the market is going to perform throughout the day. 


Players take turns selling stock options and collecting premiums based on what they learned in the Forecast phase.


Players roll Market dice to see the actual performance of the market. As stock prices change, players can either close their options to secure a profit/loss or leave their options on the board and hope for a better return. 


After Hours
Any remaining stock options at the end of the day either decay, expire worthless, or are settled. If they are settled, players are forced to fulfill their promises to buy/sell stocks.


Game End  
Once the week is over and all options have been resolved, players sell off their stocks and tally up their money. The player with the most money wins! 

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