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Option Chain is Available Now!

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Option Chain is a competitive board game designed to teach real-world stock option concepts!

Forecast stock movements, predict and outmaneuver your opponents, and make the most cash to win!

Stock Option Concepts: Naked Puts, Covered Calls

Option Chain age 14+
Option Chain 1 - 4 players
Option Chain 60 minutes
About Option Chain

About Option Chain

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You and your friends are motivated investors looking to make as much money as you can by selling stock options.

Your goal is to sell expensive stock options and then close them when they become less valuable. Pay attention to stock forecasts, make smart deals, and earn the most money to win! 

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No Financial Experience Required

Never trade stock options before? No experience with the stock market? No problem! You don't need any of those to play this game. 


Easy to Learn

Start playing right away! Just follow us in our step-by-step tutorial video and we will teach you how to play.


Instant Results

Roll the dice and see how much your options earned. You don't have to wait for days or weeks for your real-life options to show you results. 

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